Delivery delays expected over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Although still a few weeks away, the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail sales events will soon be here. The dates for these are as follows:

Black Friday – 23rd November 2018
Cyber Monday – 26th November 2018

Although these sales events relate mainly to high street retailers and on-line stores, they caused us in 2017, to experience significant delays in the delivery of our shipments by our provider during the days following. This was something that was beyond our control and caused by the sheer level of demand our provider experienced across the board.

We therefore feel its our duty to advise all of our customers that this could also happen in 2018 and to pre-empt any shipment delays. It may therefore be beneficial to place any orders a little earlier than planned, if possible, in order to avoid possible delays in receiving them.

If you have any questions regarding this then please contact our sales team on 01909 552470, emailing or your Area Sales Manager to discuss how to avoid any disappointment during that week.