FEATURE Dust Suppression Tanks

When using Diamond blades on a hand held saw this will create a lot of dust from the material you are cutting, this is a huge health and safety factor to take into consideration when using diamond blades to cut concrete and stone products. When cutting concrete and stone enormous amounts of dust containing Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) particles are produced. That is why the UK Health and Safety Executive recommend the use of dust suppression tanks when cutting with diamond blades as the exposure to RCS dust created can lead to serious health problems.

The DU-DST-10L-MITAL dust suppression tank is one of most popular products, which aid the suppression of dust. Featuring a highly durable body with a 4 metre length external hose, this is the perfect product for users who require a highly durable product to aid dust suppression in all working environments.

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